My Story

Inspired by the movie “Man from Atlantis – a Human Diver”, my father and I experienced snorkeling diving at the Red Sea.

After I became a scuba diver, as a teenager, I had started free diving, mainly for the purpose of spearfishing,

at the Mediterranean Sea, plunging to a depth of 6-10 meters (18-30 ft.).

At the end of 1997, when I became 21 years old, I realized that freediving is actually a sport.

After searching I found my first freediving teacher – Erez Beatus (a former world record holder

for unassisted category).With great excitement I had graduated three day course and

dove to 20 meters (60 ft.) and managed to hold my breath for just over 2:30 minutes.

For months after the course I was still overwhelmed by the feeling that I had discovered

something very powerful within me.

At the end of 2001 I had graduated from Wingate Institute

(Israel’s National Centre for Physical Education and Sport) as a Hydrotherapist and a Swimming Instructor.

During 2002 I traveled to Sardinia (Italy) where I have extended my knowledge while attending

a 7 days course with a freediving legend and the holder of few world records –

Umberto Pelizzari, who also established the organization of World Education Freediving

Apnea Academy. Pelizzari, who studied freeediving from Jacques Mayol,

whose main teaching was to combine Freediving with Yoga. During the course

I became familiar with the monofin diving style and succeeded to dive down to 42 meters.

In January 2003 I became an authorized Yoga teacher (Shivananda) in South India and from

there I went directly to the Yoga center in Eilat in order to practice and teach Yoga.

I lived and breathed the yoga-diving for a period of 18 months. During that time

I discovered the incredible connection between yoga and freediving. The Yoga-Diving connection,

for me, is the most proper way to become a free diver. Using the Yoga technique for posture, breathing,

concentration, mental ability and relaxation made me a meditative diver. At that time I was able to dive 50 meters.

I became a Freediving Instructor of F.D.I (Free Diving International) during 2005 and started teaching freediving in

Eilat during 2006.

In 2007 I was certified as a Freediving Judge, authorized by A.I.D.A (a worldwide federation for breath-hold diving,

which manages and oversees the recognition of records, organizes competitions, and sets the standards for freedive education).

Freediving have become a life style for me. Now days I teach freediving in Eilat, participate in international

and national competitions, as a competitor as well as a judge and I am the holder of 3 of Israel’s National Records in 3 different categories.